Chiropractic Testimonials

"Been going here for almost a year now. Everyone who works here is very professional and personable! Never had once had a bad experience here."

- Shelby Y.

"Great experience so far. Getting help from Dr. Kurt with a neck and sleeping issue.
Very friendly and clean place. So far so good!!"

- Philshi D.

"Dr. Kurt & the entire staff are wonderful! Professional, caring & thorough, highly recommend for the whole family."

- Carrie D.

"Dr. Kurt is very friendly, very informative, and very good at his job! Highly recommend!"

- Alyssa S.

"I had Doctor Kurt! He is really nice and made me feel comfortable. The first procedure was painless and an interesting experience. I will be going to see him again the following week. Recommend!"

- Lau M.

"Excellent experience so far. Very clean and inviting environment. The young lady behind the counter is always positive and professional. Dr. Kurt laid out an entire plan for me without spending a dollar. Who wouldn't want that? Highly recommended!"

- George S.

"The office is welcoming. Dr. Kurt seems to genuinely want to help me feel better. I am really looking forward to feeling better with Dr. Kurt's help."

- Gail G.

"I was quite skeptical of chiropractic care because I’ve randomly gone to chiropractors over the years and never really pursued the full benefits of it. Well, I started in November 2020 after meeting Dr. Kurt at a vendor show. I had ongoing soreness with shoulder pain from years of boxing and working out. I also carried around low back and hip pain from bad posture and sitting quite a bit at work during the day. I would take Motrin and of course, that would ease the pain, but I knew I could not keep doing that. So I began my chiropractic care journey. Let me just say it was worth every penny. I do have insurance that covers chiropractic visits so that helped, but even if it didn’t. looking back, the incredible value is in the care and how I feel now. I also used to get migraines at least once a week from either not drinking enough water or environmental effects. I haven’t gotten one in a few months. I feel like a better version of myself these days. I wanna be able to age in the best way I can."

- Christine S.

"I am a retired massage therapist. I’ve worked with many local chiropractors and have had regularly scheduled adjustments throughout my career. I just recently started seeing Dr. Kurt and found out my spine needs a lot of attention, after seeing the most recent X-rays. Dr. Kurt is very thorough in explaining the process of chiropractic care and was very detailed in the initial report findings. He took the time to answer all of my questions and didn’t rush through my appointment. I’m excited to see my progress over the next few weeks. You can tell Dr. Kurt has not only a passion for helping others but also a passion for educating his patients on spinal care as well. He truly cares for his patients! The atmosphere of the office is light and cheerful and the office staff always greets their patients with a smile. Having worked alongside chiropractors over the years, I am very picky about adjustments and the type of care I receive. The Gonstead method of chiropractic care is very precise and I know the care I receive at this office will be on point every time. Dr. Kurt comes highly rated in my book."

- Denise B.

"Five stars is just not enough! My first chiropractic experience is unmatched by any other medical experience I’ve ever had! The atmosphere of the office is so welcoming and that’s a direct reflection of the amazing team working there. I get excited just thinking about my next adjustment, that’s how wonderful the people are. I would recommend anybody to pay them a visit."

- Nadine G.

"Very professional, great staff and amenities. I also feel safe going there which was a priority. Dr. Kurt has been great."

- Donna L.

"Dr. Kurt is extremely thorough, professional, and outgoing. He makes going to a chiropractor fun instead of daunting. I fully trust his experience and judgment and look forward to seeing the results of his expertise."

- Aaron S.

"Super sweet staff with a relaxed atmosphere."

- Amanda E.

"Very welcoming and friendly staff, I saw both Katie and Amanda (front desk) for my first two times in the office and was adjusted by Dr. Kurt. I was given a full tour and extensive evaluation/x-rays on my first visit and reviewed the evaluation and was adjusted on my second visit. Dr. Kurt went the extra mile to make sure I understood everything he was showing me and explained himself throughout the adjustment process. I was definitely comfortable throughout the entire process and left feeling very educated about the chiropractic Care I will be receiving."

- Andrea L.


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